1. 451. With the autopilot engaged, either sidestick can be moved freely.

2. 452. What consider being best rate of climb speed?

3. 453. When can managed vertical navigation be engaged?

4. 454. What are the different types of flight guidance?

5. 455. You have been cleared to intercept the localizer. You have pushed the LOC push button on the FCU. If all necessary data has been entered in the MCDU, can you now engage both autopilots?

6. 456. While taxiing on the ground, the FMGS displays the position of the aircraft using:

7. 457. When the thrust levers are moved to the takeoff position, the FMGS updates its position at takeoff using:

8. 458. On which ECAM page could the flight crew check the exact pressure of the crew oxygen cylinder?

9. 459. At approximately what cabin altitude should the passenger oxygen masks drop?

10. 460. When does passenger oxygen flow start?

11. 461. Illumination of the SYS ON light is an indication that:

12. 462. What is the purpose of the CREW SUPPLY push button?

13. 463. Approximately how long are the passenger oxygen generators able to produce oxygen?

14. 464. What will depressing the guarded MASK MAN ON pb accomplish?

15. 465. What is indicated by a missing green thermal plug during an exterior preflight?

16. 466. When engine and wing anti-ice are in use, and a BMC detects a bleed leak:

17. 467. APU bleed air, when selected

18. 468. Bleed leak protection for the APU pneumatic duct is provided by:

19. 469. If a BMC detects a bleed leak:

20. 470. With both engines operating, an ENG BLEED pb FAULT light will illuminate when:

21. 471. The crew may directly control the following bleed valves:

22. 472. With the APU running, the APU BLEED push button selected ON and the X BLEED selector to AUTO, the APU will:

23. 473. If a BMC fails:

24. 474. To start the APU the:

25. 475. What is the function of the APU GEN push button located on the overhead electrical panel?

26. 476. When the APU MASTER SW is selected ON:

27. 477. The APU may be started up to what altitude?

28. 478. With the engines off, if the AVAIL light is illuminated on both the APU START push button and the EXT PWR push button, what is the source of electrical power for the aircraft busses?

29. 479. The APU START push button, when selected ON, will:

30. 480. The APU system page will appear on the ECAM:

31. 481. What happens to the cockpit door with electrical power failure?

32. 482. Can the flight compartment sliding windows be used as emergency exits?

33. 483. What does illumination of the red cabin pressure light represent on the main cabin door?

34. 484. How is it determined that the cockpit sliding window is closed and locked?

35. 485. How many cabin entrance, overwing emergency exits and cargo doors are on the A321?

36. 486. Where is the emergency axe located?

37. 487. How many portable fire extinguishers are in the cockpit?

38. 488. Once activated, how can you cancel the EVAC alert from the cockpit?

39. 489. On the cockpit overhead panel there is a three position EMERGENCY EXIT LT switch. What lights are associated with this switch?

40. 490. When the door arming lever is in the ARMED position, opening the door from the outside will:

41. 491. How many survival kits are there on board the aircraft, and where are they located?

42. 492. The PBE provides a breathable atmosphere for approximately ...........minutes.

43. 493. The HALON fire extinguisher should be used on what type fires?

44. 494. What are the indications that the PBE oxygen supply has depleted?

45. 495. Can ALL the evacuation slides be used as life rafts?

46. 496. How is crew oxygen provided?

47. 497. How many persons can a standby life-raft carry?

48. 498. What is Crew Oxygen minimum pressure, where can it be read?

49. 499. What does HORN SHUTOFF on the EVAC panel do?

50. 500. How many first aid kits are available?

51. 501. With the EMER EXIT LT selector in the ARM position, if DC shed essential bus is unpowered:

52. 502. What abnormals would cause the FADEC to automatically abort a start?

53. 503. What is considered to be the active range of the A/THR system?

54. 504. During an in-flight start or a manual start, will the FADEC auto abort for an abnormal?

55. 505. What does the FLEX represent in the FLX/MCT detent?

56. 506. The left column, first line of the FMA is used to indicate:

57. 507. If the thrust levers are set in the idle detent, is Alpha floor protection still available?

58. 508. When Alpha floor is activated, what power setting is automatically commanded and what FMA annunciation would appear in Column one?

59. 509. Is it possible to cancel Alpha floor?

60. 510. What is the difference between variable thrust and the speed mode?

61. 511. Where is the thrust reduction altitude found and is the number always the same?

62. 512. Is any thrust lever action required if an engine failed at rotation while using FLEX takeoff power?

63. 513. When is T.O. INHIBIT and LDG INHIBIT active?

64. 514. What is required for the FADEC to compute a reduced thrust setting?

65. 515. Alpha floor protection is available:

66. 516. While flying the airplane with A/THR active, the speed knob is pulled and turned to aselected speed that happens to be slower than Alpha prot. What speed will the A/C slow to?

67. 517. When does oil quantity indication begin to pulse?

68. 518. Does the FADEC provide EGT limit protection constantly?

69. 519. The idle setting on the aircraft is capable of modulating due to certain conditions. During descent, what might cause the IDLE N1 setting to increase?

70. 520. What conditions automatically activate continuous ignition?

71. 521. How can A/THR be ARMED automatically?

72. 522. Can the engines be overboosted in the TOGA position?

73. 523. During an automatic start, the FADEC controls:

74. 524. How many FADEC's are installed in the aircraft?

75. 525. How many thrust lever positions are there, and how are they labeled?

76. 526. What are the two basic modes of the A/THR system?

77. 527. What would happen during the takeoff roll if the thrust levers were set to the FLX/MCT detent without FLEX temperature being entered?

78. 528. How is manual arming of the A/THR system accomplished?

79. 529. Holding the instinctive disconnect push button for more than fifteen seconds will:

80. 530. What would happen in flight if the FADEC's alternator failed?

81. 531. Is there any mechanical linkage between the thrust levers and the engines?

82. 532. Verification that Autothrust (A/THR) is active can be made by:

83. 533. As far as FMA annunciations are concerned, what would indicate that the A/THR system is active?

84. 534. During normal operation, in what detent are the thrust levers positioned once the thrust reduction altitude has been reached?

85. 535. The FADEC will automatically abort an abnormal start thereby providing engine limit protection, but will the FADEC also automatically dry crank the engine?

86. 536. During a manual start, how is the start valve opened?

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