1. 251. How many temperature selectors are there on the A321? How many temperature zones are there?

2. 252. How many pressurization controllers are installed on the A321?

3. 253. Placing the avionics ventilation system in the smoke configuration:

4. 254. Aft cargo indications may be found on which ECAM page(s)?

5. 255. What are the different sources of air for air conditioning and pressurization?

6. 256. Engine flow demand, when the heating or cooling demand in one zone cannot be satisfied:

7. 257. Which statement is correct regarding illumination of the amber AFT ISOL VALVE fault light?

8. 258. When would you select ECON FLOW ON?

9. 259. How can you change pressurization controllers during flight?

10. 260. When does normal pressurization occur?

11. 261. Pressurization indications are found on which ECAM page(s)?

12. 262. During the exterior preflight on a warm day, in what position would you expect to find the avionics ventilation system INLET and EXTRACT valves to be in?

13. 263. What computers control the cabin and cockpit conditioned air?

14. 264. When would you select RAM AIR ON?

15. 265. How many trim air valves are there?

16. 266. What happens to the pack flow control valves during engine start?

17. 267. How many Air Data/Inertial Reference Units (ADIRUs) are installed on the A321?

18. 268. What are the correct positions for the PFD and ND?

19. 269. Where is the information displayed by DMC #1 and DMC #2?

20. 270. If the LOWER ECAM DU fails, is there a way to retrieve that information?

21. 271. In normal law all protections are active, which of the following lists is the most complete list?

22. 272. The IR ALIGN light is extinguished. What does this mean?

23. 273. An amber flashing IR FAULT light indicates that:

24. 274. How long does a normal IR alignment take?

25. 275. If the IR mode rotary selector is selected OFF:

26. 276. High and low speed stabilities may be available in alternate law, stabilities:

27. 277. The DDRMI provides the pilot with:

28. 278. In normal law, MMO and VMO limits depicted on each pilot’s PFD:

29. 279. Which of the following statements is always true when operating in alternate law?

30. 280. While in flight operating in Normal law, movement of the sidestick and subsequent return to neutral will command:

31. 281. The ON BAT light will illuminate amber:

32. 282. The white IR ALIGN light is flashing. What does this mean?

33. 283. On an autoland approach, with both autopilots on, which FMGC is master?

34. 284. In normal law, the low speed limits depicted on each pilot’s PFD:

35. 285. After a single DMC failure, how could a crewmember recover the display units?

36. 286. In normal law, pitch and roll attitude limits depicted on each pilot’s PFD:

37. 287. Placing one of the ADR push buttons OFF will accomplish what?

38. 288. Which protection is not available below 100 feet AGL?

39. 289. Can the autopilot be used for a single engine approach and autoland?

40. 290. What action should be taken if IR #2 is lost:

41. 291. While in-flight, operating in Normal law, in the Alpha prot range:

42. 292. What is the difference between -FD2 and 2FD- on the FMA?

43. 293. What action should be taken if ADR #1 is lost?

44. 294. If both ELACs fail, what controls the elevator and stabilizer?

45. 295. What information is supplied by the IR's and displayed on the PFD?

46. 296. What is the function of the FACs? 1. Rudder & Yaw Damping inputs. 2. Flight envelope & Speed computations. 3. Windshear protection.

47. 297. What causes a DU to display a black screen with a white diagonal line?

48. 298. What does amber SPEED BRAKES mean on lower ECAM?

49. 299. To communicate with a mechanic for manual start valve operation at the engine:

50. 300. Normally how should you call a Flight Attendant?

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