1. 1. According to the Chicago convention, aircraft of contracting states shall have the right to make flights into or in transit non-stop across the territory of other contracting states and to make stops for non-traffic purposes without the necessity of obtaining prior permission. This applies to the following flights:

2. 2. For aircraft flying over the high seas, which rules shall be in force?

3. 3. Which of the following ICAO documents contain international standards and recommended practices (SARPS)?

4. 4. According to which convention may an aircraft commander impose measures upon a person committing a crime or an offence on board the aircraft?

5. 5. Which convention deals with the unification of rules related to damage caused by aircraft to third parties on the surface?

6. 6. Annex 17 to the convention of Chicago covers:

7. 7. The international civil aviation organization (ICAO) establishes:

8. 8. The international civil aviation organization (ICAO.) was established by the international convention of:

9. 9. The second freedom of the air is the:

10. 10. The first freedom of the air is:

11. 11. The loading limitations shall include:

12. 12. Load factors has the following meaning:

13. 13. The assignment of the common mark to a common mark registering authority will be made by:

14. 14. The registration mark shall be letters, numbers or a combination of letters and numbers and shall be that assigned by:

15. 15. The certificate of registration shall:

16. 16. The validity of the instrument-rating aeroplane - IR(A) is :

17. 17. The age of an applicant for a commercial pilot license shall not be less than :

18. 18. An applicant for a commercial pilot license shall hold:

19. 19. The duration of the period of currency of a medical assessment shall begin on the date:

20. 20. When the holders of aircraft transport pilot licenses - aeroplane and helicopter - have passed their 40th birthday, the medical examination shall be reduced from :

21. 21. Type ratings shall be established:

22. 22. According to VAR, an applicant for ATPL(A) shall have demonstrated the ability to perform as pilot-in-command, the procedures and manoeuvres of an aeroplane type certificated for:

23. 23. Except when a clearance is obtained from an ATC unit, a VFR flight cannot enter or leave a control zone when ceiling is less than:

24. 24. The person who has final authority as to the disposition of an aircraft during flight time is:

25. 25. Which of the following flights has the greatest priority to land?

26. 26. An aircraft intercepted by another aircraft, if equipped with SSR transponder shall, unless otherwise instructed by the appropriate ATS unit, select one of the following codes in mode "A":

27. 27. An aircraft intercepted by another aircraft shall immediately attempt to establish radio communication with the intercepting aircraft on the following frequencies:

28. 28. Which manoeuvre shall be executed by an intercepting aircraft if the pilot wants to communicate to the intercepted aircraft "you may proceed”?

29. 29. Which action shall be taken by an aircraft in the traffic pattern of an aerodrome, experiencing
radio failure to indicate difficulties which compel it to land without requiring immediate

30. 30. A flashing red light from control tower during an approach to land means:

31. 31. Which of the following actions shall be taken in case of a controlled flight deviates from the track?

32. 32. While on IFR flight, a pilot has an emergency which causes a deviation from an ATC clearance. What action must be taken?

33. 33. A signalman will ask the pilot to apply parking brakes by the following signals:

34. 34. An aircraft is flying under instrument flight rules in an area where the visibility is unlimited and the sky is clear (free of clouds), when it totally loses radio communications. The procedure to be followed is:

35. 35. A red flare addessed to a flying aircraft means :

36. 36. An aircraft shall display, if so equipped, an anti-collision light:

37. 37. The white dumb-bell with black perpendicular bar indicates that:

38. 38. An aircraft which is being subjected to unlawful interference ('hijacked') and is forced to divert from the cleared track or cruising level without being able to communicate with ATS shall try to:

39. 39. Whilst flying in an aerodrome's traffic circuit, an aircraft receives a series of green flashes from the tower. The aircraft:

40. 40. While taxiing an aircraft receives the following light signal from the control tower, series of red flashes. This signal means that the aircraft:

41. 41. To cross lighted stop bars on the manoeuvring area of an aerodrome, the following applies:

42. 42. When has a flight plan to be filed at the latest?

43. 43. If the time estimated for the next reporting point differs from that notified to ATS, a revised estimate shall be notified to ATS if the time difference is:

44. 44. Which of the following signals is a distress signal?

45. 45. A horizontal white dumb-bell when displayed on a signal area of an aerodrome means:

46. 46. An aircraft which is intercepted by another aircraft shall set its transponder to:

47. 47. "Raise arm and hand, with fingers extended, horizontally in front of body, then clench fist". This signal from a signalman to an aircraft means:

48. 48. (IR) An ETA for an IFR flight refers to the following:

49. 49. Aircraft on the manoeuvring area have to give way to:

50. 50. What defines a danger area?

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